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MHNG Editorial Pick of the Week Our youth and the codeine epidemic Vanguard CODEINE had for ages been a part of simple medications obtainable here over the counter for the relief of headaches, pains and coughs. It is generally described as a narcotic pain-reliever. However, young drug addicts have latched...

THE abduction of the 110 students of Government Girls Technical College, Dapchi Yobe State, has brought out the question as to whether the Chibok girls who earlier on regained freedom from Boko Haram captivity were rescued or actually ransomed or “bought back”. Hitherto, the security forces, especially the army, had...


On December 18, 2013, then President Goodluck Jonathan unveiled the first ever made in Nigeria drone built by the Nigerian Air Force in Kaduna. Yesterday, President Buhari went to Kaduna to unveil the same drone and declared it the ‘first made in Nigeria drone’. Why can’t the Buhari government stop...

MHNG Editorial Pick of the Week

IT is very worrisome that the disagreement that developed between the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, and the leadership of Benue State has continued to escalate, making it even more difficult to halt the Benue massacres being perpetrated by armed bandits. This disagreement arose after the IGP described...

MHNG Editorial Pick of the Week

VERY early at the start of his tenure, President Muhammadu Buhari voluntarily promised to release the list of those he called looters. On 12th December 2015 the President said the only thing holding back the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, from publishing the list of those who looted Nigeria and...

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