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Fake news sites can look very convincing. Here are two tools as well as tips to help you check the credibility of a website. When an online website reported last year that former Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius had committed suicide in prison, the story was rapidly shared online. After all, it was a...

If you’re curious where all the fake news on your News Feed comes from, there’s a new resource that could help you become an internet sleuth of your own. Today the Public Data Lab, a network of researchers, journalists and organizations, released a field guide for detecting and investigating online misinformation. The free...

A new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism offers a bit more insight into what’s driving distrust in news organizations across the world. Working with YouGov, the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalismpolled around 18,000 people across nine countries (U.S., Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Australia, France and Greece) to...

In 2017, fake news was everywhere. It was behind Macedonian teens buying BMWs and at Russian troll farms, as well as in viral memes and on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. It was named word of the year by Collins Dictionary and was added to It’s a term that has been constantly redefined and repurposed; what used to specifically refer...

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