Dressing for the Raining Season

It’s Raining Style!


Dressing for the Raining Season

It’s raining here now and it has me thinking about some things including what to wear tomorrow. Dressing for rainy days takes a little more thought because you cannot just pick and go. You have to consider the weather and the roads otherwise, you might find yourself somewhere with drenched, dirty, soiled clothes and damaged, squishy shoes. Yikes.


One evening this week, I had a small function to attend and with the rains coming at odd times, every other day and growing in intensity, I focused on ways to look stylish and more importantly, CLEAN, even by the end of a potentially long day. I survived that day and many others, with the following tips:


In other words, How To Get Away With Staying Stylish & Clean During The Rainy Season.


  • Higher Hems


The higher your clothes’ hems are from the ground, the better. So think about shorter skirts and dresses. Ankle-length pants are also a smart pick this season, even for the gents too. I am personally wearing cropped hem, cigarette pants more now.


  • The right foot forward

There’s no point wearing your ‘Christmas shoes’ when they’re at risk of getting soiled and even damaged from the wet muddy grounds. Sturdy, comfortable soil-proof shoes should be the choice.

Flats are to be chosen with care, as they are the closest to the ground and easiest to soil. The ideal heels would be comfortable wedges or mid heels of about two inches. Dodging poodles of water and slosh requires athletic ginger that might proof difficult with higher heels, so go for functionality and protection more than flimsy style.

It is also a good idea to avoid shoes made from leather as water destroys it.


  • Water colours

I so love a white outfit but this season is not the best time for it, unfortunately.

The heartbreak of having dirty water staining your pristine white shirt can be easily avoided by going for darker colours. Go with blacks, browns, darker blues, nude, khakis and other such shades that can hide stains and wetness well. Leave the bright colours out for now. You can make up for the dark hues with prints, patterns and accessories in case you need to.


  • Cover-up

The rains usually come with some chill, so your jackets and coats serve double duty as protective layers as well as style pieces.

Not only will a fitted jacket keep your appearance together, it will protect your ‘main’ clothes and can be shed later in the day to reveal a different outfit under.

Scarves are also a great item to use as covering. Even better is a light coloured or patterned one.


  • Wipe away

This is the season for carrying extra handkerchiefs and tissue paper to wipe away moisture and dirt that splashes on you. Keep one for your regular use and another for back-up.


  • Accessories

As i mentioned earlier, accessories can lift even the darkest coloured outfit, so indulge in some nice ones. Watches, bracelets, earrings, hair bands, scarves and even pocket squares and ties for the guys, can work magic, taking your outfit and overall appearance from plain to stylish.

An extra chic accent can also be a nice coloured or print umbrella.

Keep these tips in mind while dressing for this season, no need to wash away your style with the rain.

Photo Source:  Style Caster

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