MHNG OPINION PICK OF THE WEEK: Dino’s Drama And Police Gragra


Dino’s Drama And Police Gragra


Dino didn’t drop from the sky or just sprouted like ‘Gbure’ (waterleaf vegetable). He is a cultivated poster boy of the morally bankrupt bourgeois ruling class in Nigeria.

Dino is very intelligent to know that our politics is anything goes, no content, no form and no ennobling principle as ideals or motivation.

As a smart guy, he manoeuvred the curves early enough having appreciated the nothingness of the system, he rose through the ladder displaying wit, dangerous intelligence, courage and political shenanigans to capture a space and occupy it even though with the frivolity of a troublesome child.

Like his mentors and role models in Kwara, Lagos and elsewhere, Dino also wanted a political kingdom he can call his own and rule over till when the table shakes. To achieve this, he needed money, he got it and he is still getting it.  He developed a fierce charisma but with a serious character flaw that puts him on the wrong side of public perception. Dino gradually lost his deposit among the masses and the people he cried loud he represents by displaying too much wealth in the face of mass hunger and poverty. He started suffering from siege mentality complex that made him at times to become a senatorial pompous jester notwithstanding his brilliant articulation of issues at times.  Since he was too much in a hurry to become king and kingmaker, he ran into a problem with combined higher forces.

Senator Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West at the National Assembly.

The ‘kill Dino’ orchestra must have been entranced to forget they are still in Nigeria where politics, power and principalities are always in continuous flux. The return of Dino may make him a superstar because police gragra can be stopped with a withdrawal of all charges or police may not even have any concrete thing against him beyond the theatrics and if they have, as usual, they may mess the case up without diligent prosecution.

It will be surprising if anything concrete will come out of this Dino drama beyond teaching the frivolous senator a hard lesson to learn more lesson in power, politics and principalities.

All may be well with Dino and all offences he was alleged to have committed may be forgiven if he is ready to negotiate and negotiate well with his ‘oga boy’ in Kogi for his second term depending on the balance of forces.

Through his Oga boy’ s appeasement, every other foes and principality in Kogi, Abuja and elsewhere may also be appeased. After all the naughty boy has been given a moderate dose of the native herb called ‘Ewe Jokoje’  (Cool temper political therapy)

That is the way of bourgeois politics of sweet sweet sweet power and negotiation.

Well if you are in doubt that the whole episode may end up as one of Nollywood movies, then it means you don’t know or you have forgotten one Lagos Super Man called Obanikoro or Koro if you like and 2015 elections.

Adeola Soetan, National Coordinator Democracy Vanguard

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